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Welcome to "Det B" San Vito

  2009 ASA Italy Re-Union
Cinnatti, Ohio
September 18-20

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600th ASA Company, Det B
San Vito Dei Normanni, Italy

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600th ASA Co.

map-brin-province.gif (18705 bytes)
Map of 
Brindisi Provence

sanvito-1999.gif (28677 bytes)
San Vito AFB 1999

brindisi-monument.jpg (36227 bytes)
Italian Sailor's Monument, Brindisi



Detachment B, 600th USASA Company, 
San Vito Dei Normanni AFS, Itlay.

(Photos by George Creel)

The San Vito Air Station was situated near the port of Brindisi.  A beautiful city, today it is a active cruise ship port on the Adriatic Sea.

The location of Det B at San Vito was subsequent to the mobile Detachment B which was created in October, 1961 and setup at a vacant Italian air base near Lecce, Italy, about 22 miles from Brindisi.

Link to Det B, Lecce

The unit was relocated to San Vito AFS in 1965 and shared operational facilities with US Air Force Personnel at the 6917th Security Group

I was stationed at San Vito with the ASA from November 1965 to July 1967.   

Today, the Air Station has been turned over to the United Nations and still has some operations, but on a limited capacity.

It is to the many friends and acquaintances of San Vito AFS, during those years,  that this site is dedicated.

For More information on San Vito AFB, the place and the people, Check out our ASA "Links" page.

John (Joel) Perkins, 
SP4, 05D
Special Identification Techniques Operator

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