George Creel - Memories


Imagine my surprise when I found your name and e-mail address on the website!    I received an invitation to the reunion in South Carolina for Sep 19-21.  I'm trying to arrange my schedule right now to attend.
It's amazing to make contact after 35+ years.  I was promoted to SSG in 1997 while at the 7th Army NCO Academy (our 1SG in Vicenza disliked me and hoped I'd flunk out so he could bust me!) and then transferred to Field Station Herzo in West Germany.  I stayed there until ETS and came back and went to the University of Florida on the G.I. Bill.  I joined the 467th Military Intelligence Detachment (affilitated with UF) in my freshman year and stayed in the unit for 22 years, retiring as a MSG with 29 years total service.  I retrained as a 96B intelligence analyst and also qualifed as a linguist.  I retired in 1999 and will go on the military pension rolls next January when I turn 60.
Anyway, it's nice to make contact after all these years.
George Creel, SP5, 05D, Det B, 600th USASA Co.
February 1966 - July 1967
3412 Oleander Drive
Hernando Beach, FL 34607