Brian Alpert - Memories


my name is Brian Alpert and I was in the USASA from April 26, 1963 till
April 25, 1966. I took my  basic training in Fort Ord California and
began my ASA training at Fort Devens in July of 63. I took the basic
058 course and was then transferred to train as a radio direction
finder the MOS at that time was called 056.10 D F operator. In 1965  it
was changed to 05D.20 Special Ident. Operator. I served at the Point
Site in Sinop Turkey from May 29,1964 till April 30,1965. I then
finished my service with the 600th USASA Co. I was first at
headquarters in Vicenza Italy working the radio net . I was soon sent
down to Det B which at that time was billeted on the air force base in
Brindisi and the site was still in Lecce. During that summer the site
was closed and we worked on the airforce base. Sometime in the fall I
was transferred to Det A in Ravenna  where I stayed until my overseas
discharge. I would love to hear from anyone who was in the ASA around
that time. I am trying to locate an old buddy who went through DF
school with me in Devens and to Sinop. His name is Wayne E. Inman and
after Sinop he re-enlisted and went to Thailand. Would love to hear
from anyone who knew him or of him.

Thanks for the welcome. I already tried the Inman in Decatur IL. He was
a navy vet and has passed away. There is another Wayne E. in Florida
but he never answers his phone. I still haven't gotten around to
writing a lette. I have a suspicion that the Wayne I am looking for is
still be in Thailand.

Maurice Kollstedt was in Ravenna after I was. When I was there we were
still billeted in the Motel Romea. When Maurice was there they had
moved into an apartment house. They are doing a lot of work on the DF
web site so a lot of the pages aren't working but it seems Maurice went
back to Ravenna with his family in 2000 and there is one picture of his
on the site of the apartment house. My wife and I were hit by a car
last year so we are still not getting around that well so I didn't get
to go to the reunion.

I don't think I ever saw a PRD1 except in old pictures . I worked a TRD
4 in Turkey,Ravenna and Lecce and a FAS AN/FLR-9 Antenna Array in