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600th ASA Co. - Det B - San Vito

 San Vito Dei Normanni
Air Force Station


Pease-gate.jpg (46810 bytes)
 Airman Pease at
San Vito AFS Gate
sv39.gif (97375 bytes)
 6917th Security Group
base_view4.gif (93698 bytes)
6917th HQ. Building
base_view5.gif (93606 bytes)
Operations Center

array2.jpg (35133 bytes)
FLR9 Antenna Array

array1.jpg (31348 bytes)
FLR9 Antenna Array

base_view.gif (86007 bytes)
View from Barracks to
 Base Exchange

ops-array.jpg (19919 bytes)
Operations Center
and Antenna Array

base-chapel.jpg (29909 bytes)
Base Chapel

theater.jpg (28323 bytes)

em-club.jpg (23860 bytes)
EM Club

Ariel Photo

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