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600th ASA Co. - Det B - San Vito

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Here are some great ASA & San Vito sites to check out:

Detachment A, 600th USASA Co., Ravenna, Italy  
Click Here

USASA High Frequency Direction Finding Net
ASA Dets from Around the World
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Dedicated to DF detachments using TRD-4s and 15/23 DF Installations.
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San Vito Air Station "La Famiglia" - A Really Great Site!
Click Here

Official website of Brindisi, Italy.  Lots of pictures, really well done
Click Here

National Army Security Agency Association
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ASA Veterans USA site
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ASA Veterans Locator database
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Army Security Agency Online
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FAS AN/FLR-9 Antenna Array Website 
SanVito & Other Locations
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G.I. Memories Site
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