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Perk's 330th RRC Site

 330th Radio Research Co.
Pleiku, Vietnam 1968 - 1969

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330th RR Co. Map

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I Corp Map

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Perimeter Defense Line
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I was stationed at the 330th Radio Research Company from 27 April, 1968 to 24 April, 1969. My MOS was 05D4H, Special Identification Techniques Analyst, which was a fancy name for the guys that plotted the Direction Finding Maps.  We'd be given the co-ordinates and would "triangulate" them on the DF Maps to get an exact position of enemy units.

But that was just one of many jobs being carried out.  This site is for all those guys that served there, whatever their MOS was.

At this site you will find photos and memories of my  time spent on "Engineer Hill".

I would appreciate any comments and/or material you would like to contribute.

Enjoy, and Thanks for Visiting !

John (Joel) Perkins, "Perk"
SSG, 05D4H

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