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Perk's 330th Radio Research Co. Site

 Company Photos
Fall, 1968
Photo pink spots from many moves,
many storage areas,  many years

high-voltage.jpg (10162 bytes)

Barracks Row

Img5001.jpg (38214 bytes)
Red Clay, Dust

Img2001.jpg (39764 bytes)
Mess Hall

Img3005.jpg (45568 bytes)
Motor Pool

Img5002.jpg (43213 bytes)
Operations Ctr.

Img3003.jpg (41057 bytes)
Co. Perimeter

Img4001.jpg (43410 bytes)
Co. Perimeter

Img001.jpg (48939 bytes)
Engineer Hill

Img002.jpg (29101 bytes)
Outside Base

pleiku2.jpg (68407 bytes)
To Pleiku

pleiku3.jpg (64652 bytes)

Pleiku1.jpg (54186 bytes)

ac-47.jpg (94164 bytes)
Douglas AC-47
"Puff" the Dragon

Img4003.jpg (25270 bytes)
"Puff" at work

Img4005.jpg (34140 bytes)
"Puff" at work

nite-fire.jpg (16229 bytes)
"Puff" again

puff-gun.jpg (35274 bytes)
"Puff" Gunner

Img3001.jpg (22260 bytes)
Night Bombings

Img4004.jpg (26211 bytes)
Night Bombings

flarePKU.jpg (22274 bytes)
Night Flares

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