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 Ready Weapons

M16A1 Rifle
m16a1.gif (71925 bytes)
5.56mm, weight 2.75lbs., 39in length,
Effective range 215yards
Issued with 20round magazines
The M16A1 rifle is a lightweight, air-cooled, gas-operated, magazine fed, shoulder or hip-fired weapon designed for eith automatic fire (3-round bursts) or semi-automatic fire (single shot) through the use of a selector lever.

Colt M1911A1 Pistol
colt1911.jpg (36452 bytes)
.45cal, weight 39ozs, 8.25in length,
Effective range 82ft
 magazine capacity 7rounds
The .45 caliber semiautomatic pistol M1911A1 is a recoil-operated hand weapon. It is a magazine-fed semiautomatic weapon, which fires one round each time the trigger is squeezed, once the hammer is cocked by prior action of the slide or thumb. 

M60 Machine Gun
m60.jpg (12816 bytes)
7.62mm, weight: 23lbs., 43in length, Effective range 1100yards,
Rate of fire: 550rpm
The M60 Machine Gun has been the US Army's general purpose machine gun since 1950. It fires the standard NATO 7.62 mm round and is used as a general support crew-served weapon. It has a removable barrel which can be easily changed to prevent overheating. The weapon has an integral, folding bipod and can also be mounted on a folding tripod

M79 Grenade Launcher
m79.jpg (10901 bytes)

40mm, weight: 6.61lbs,
Effective range 250yds,
Magazine: 1 round breech loaded

The M79 was a single shot, shoulder fired, break-barrel loading weapon which fired a spherical 40mm diameter grenade. The 40mm grenades fired from the M79 traveled at a muzzle velocity of 75 meters per second, and contained enough explosive within a steel casing that upon impact with the target would produce over 300 fragments at 1,524 meters per second within a lethal radius of up to 5 meters

M16/M8A1 Bayonet
bayonet.jpg (32990 bytes)

grenade.jpg (22579 bytes)

M2 50cal Machine Gun

Claymore Mine
claymore.jpg (19490 bytes)

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