We're Perkeez, a giftig platform made initially for the use of the gaming industry. We promise it's fun & super easy to use.


We are Tal & Bane, two hard working ppl from the gaming industry, with over a decade of experience in the gaming industry, who ended up together after discovering that we have alot more things in common besides the same bizness partnerz.


The idea was brought up by Bane during a ski vacation while crusing down the sloaps & later developed together/online by dedicated tasks, zoom video meetings & whatsapp calls during the notorious Quarantine time.


We are using this platform ourself after experiencing some emberacing situations which many of our user can ralate to, for sure , How many of you guyz where asked to fill out unnessecary forms or pay customs for a gift sent to you, or had to give a stupid excuses to bizness partnerz after losing the point of sending them X-mas gifts , which were recived on Easter ?! NOT FUNNY! In a nutshell, we are all about saving the headache related to working with the big delivey companies, which we will not mention here, T&Cs apply :)