The Perks of Using Perkeez Platform

We know how busy you are & how much your partnerz mean to you , so we are here to help you find that perfect balance

Easy to use

With a quick sign up process, join our super friendly platform & send it to your partnerz

Customized Gifting

We help you find out what your partner likes without you asking

Time is Money

No need to chase your partnerz for their accurate address detailz. No more headaches dealing with the big delivery companies & customs bureaucracy

Personal Calendar & Events Reminder

You will never forget any special occasion related to your partnerz- Perkeez calendar includes all the main holidays so you can simply add any event & get notified in advance

Problem Solver

We help nurture the relationship with your Bizness partnerz! No more making up stupid excuses to why your Xmas gift arrived to your partner on Easter

How it works

Register and invite your buziness partners to join

Once both parties are Perkeez members - you are ready to start Perking

Choose your budget

Pick our predefined hamper or choose items as you like


Your gift is on its way to your buziness partner

our clients

Lovely people in great companies are already working with us

peerkez delivery countries

Currently we deliver in 5 different countries, however based on your feedback we plan to grow the list of the countries soon. All deliveries are at desired address within maximum 7 days.