We are Perkeez, a gifting platform made initially for the use of the iGaming industry. We promise it is fun & super easy to use.


We are Bane & Tal, two hard working ppl, with over a decade of experience in the iGaming industry, who ended up together after discovering that they have a lot more things in common besides the same buziness partnerz.


The idea was developed online by dedicated tasks, zoom meetings & whatsapp calls during the notorious 1st lockdown period.


No more monkey business. We are using this platform ourself after experiencing some embarrassing situations which many of our users can relate to. How many of you guyz where asked to fill out unnecessary forms or pay customs for a gift sent to you? What stupid excuse did you use after your business partner got his Xmas gift in Easter? Long story short, we are all about helping you do actual business & saving you the headache related to working with the big delivery companies, which we will not mention here, T&Cs apply :)